Meet the Candidates Below are the names of the Elders selected for your affirmation. We are currently in the feedback period, providing time for church Members to affirm these people. In an instance where you have a Biblical reason you believe them not qualified to serve on the Elder Team, email concerns to elder@vbcoastal.com. The current team will review all input.

Adrian Adkins

Adrian Adkins, married to Courtney Adkins, has 2 children and one on the way! Adrian has been a member of Coastal for 4 years, and along with his wife, has led a Coastal LIFEgroup for 1 year. Adrian works as a Director of Recreation Therapy at a psychiatric center for children and adolescents. Two of his Spiritual Gifts are administration and shepherding. Adrian says: "I use these gifts to show the greatness and glory of God while developing employees or impacting those I come in contact with. When support is needed, I attempt to visually show God’s greatness and in the process to be an example of His light."

John Malfitano

John Malfitano is married to Vicki, and they have 2 adult sons, Joseph and Jacob. John has been a Christian for over 50 years and a member of Coastal since 2015. He is a retired Navy Officer, currently working as a program manager for Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families. John feels like God has given him compassion for others and a calm spirit, and that maybe that "steady demeanor makes me approachable and easy to talk to, and that people don’t fear being pre-judged by me."

Patti Munley

Patty Munley has been a Christian for 28 years and a member of Coastal for 17 years. She has 2 adult children, Christopher and Laura. Patty has worked for the city of Virginia Beach for 30 years. One of her Spiritual Gifts is prayer. She says: "Prayer keeps me grounded and focused and I truly believe in the power of prayer. I think it is such an honor to go before God’s throne and pray to Almighty God on behalf of someone or myself."

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