At Home Info

At Home Hosting Learn how you can facilitate a Coastal at Home worship experience

Best Practices We’d like to thank you again for considering to be a part of this innovative worship experience, Coastal at Home. Here are a few “Best Practices” that can make the Coastal at Home experience even better for you and your guests!

We have the hosting of the service covered, but you being the host of your home will have a very welcoming impact on the Coastal at Home experience. If you are personally inviting and engaging with all of your guests from the moment they approach your door to the moment they leave, they will most likely be encouraged to come back to experience Coastal at YOUR Home again.

A large open room is idea for Coastal at Home, but the most important detail is a clean, inviting space where guests won’t be distracted by clutter or uncleanliness. The Coastal at Home experience will be different in and of itself, and an unkept or unclean worship space is uninviting and potentially distracting from the worship experience.

What better way to say “You are welcome here” than to park your car in a place that isn’t so convenient for you so that your guests can conveniently have your driveway or a closer place to park. 

Food and fellowship go hand in hand. Offering coffee or light snacks could be a great way to make your guests feel welcome. It could even be something that your Coastal at Home group establishes as a rotation, so you are not having to provide snacks on your own each week. 

There is often a call for life application and reflection after a service. Consider using the two questions provided to facilitate conversation after service, and allow time for prayer. You just might witness God move in mighty ways as you make your home a place for spiritual growth and transformation.

Coastal at Home is not intended to be an all day event. Communicating a clear start and end time for the at home experience provides your guests with the expectation of timeliness - the doors of your home open at a certain time, and guests should be considerate in leaving your home at the designated end time as well. Communicating those times clearly can help alleviate hosting frustration and difficult conversations.