101 CONNECT - July 21st

101 CONNECT is scheduled in the multipurpose space of Building B from 2-4pm on Sunday, July 21st. Childcare is available in Building A, so arrive a bit early to get your kids checked in, if necessary.

If you've ever wondered what Coastal Community Church is all about, wanted to join our church or wanted to go deeper in your spiritual walk - 101 CONNECT is for you! 101 CONNECT is the first step in Coastal's maturity growth classes, and is also our membership class.

In 101 CONNECT you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover God's will for your life
  • Learn about Coastal's biblical foundation and how it plays a role in your life
  • Learn about the Coastal Membership covenants and requirements
  • Decide whether to become a member
  • Learn about the Christian lifestyle
  • Hear the history of Coastal Community Church by Pastor Hank

It's a great time and I am looking forward to seeing you there. 

How many registrants will you be registering?